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Beneficial Ownership Reporting

So, you formed a new business.
We bet it was surprising to hear about the new federal law that requires you to report your Beneficial Ownership Information.
You know who wasn't surprised? Us. 
That's because we've been researching this new requirement ever since it was proposed, years ago, so that we'd be prepared to offer you our expertise. Now that the law's been passed, it's important to take advantage of a service like ours to make sure you stay compliant.

Why our service?

We handle your initial FinCEN filing, as well as any future updates (just let us know when something changes), with no extra service charge for the required New York State filings.

Other business service providers will charge you extra for beneficial ownership changes, state filings, and data tracking.
Not us.

We keep your information on hand at all times, so filing an updated report is as easy as telling us what's changed, rather than filling out a brand new form each time.

We also have a state of the art software system that plugs right into FinCEN's database, which means:

We get your reports done FAST

We manually check to make sure your information is correct, then file it with FinCEN and send you a filing receipt at NEAR-INSTANT speeds.

We pay attention to you

We like to spend our time doing what's important - giving you the customer service you deserve. Try having a productive phone conversation with a company like LegalZoom. Seriously, good luck. You can reach out to us at any time and know you'll be speaking to a real person who can get things done for you.

You can rely on us

Our founders have formed tens of thousands of LLCs and corporations in New York since 2005, and done countless government filings for them. (It could very well be in the millions.)

Our service includes:

Initial Beneficial Ownership Filing

Don't spend 3+ hours filling out your own BOI Report. We'll do the work for you. Just send us some basic information about your business owner(s) and receive your filing receipt. This will get your business immediately in compliance with FinCEN.


Compliance Reminders

We'll send you an email every few months to check in and see if any of your Beneficial Ownership Information has changed. If so, you can fill out a simplified form and we'll take care of the changes for you.

Bottom line:

Be sure to include this very important (and required) service when you order your LLC formation or publishing.

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