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About us.

We've been helping businesses like yours since 2005.
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Ever reach out to a web-based business and receive a confirmation that says they will get back to you within 24-48 hours?


Yes, us too, and we hate it.  

This is 2024 folks! It shouldn't take that long for a company to answer a question from someone who wants to do business with them! When I see a response like that, I move on. No way I do business with a lazy company stuck in the horse & buggy era.  

Over here, our average response time to emails is 18 minutes during business hours. Yes, you read that right.

You are a PRIORITY and we get that. If a company takes 48 hours to respond, I don't think they get it at all.


The Full Story

About 19 years ago, our founder, at the time a New York business attorney, learned that the state had updated its LLC legal publishing law with more stringent penalties for failure to comply. Being that the cost was prohibitive for many small business, he endeavored to provide a service that was much more reasonable, and and were born. 

Since then, our local family-owned business has helped over 20,000 business owners like yours save millions of dollars in New York legal publishing and startup costs. We've created and/or published well over 200,000 legal notices, and no one in New York knows the process as well as we do.


By streamlining many of the required processes, and by buying advertising space in bulk, we can create and publish New York LLCs much faster AND cheaper than anyone, even if you did it yourself.


Don't spend $1,000 more than you have to, and don't trust an out-of-state big corporation to handle your formation and publishing when we can do it faster, cheaper, and with 100% reliability and accuracy. 

* While our founder is a former lawyer, our company is NOT a law firm, and we do NOT provide legal advice or services.

Let’s Work Together

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